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Kayak accessories swim arm bands floatation sleeves ring kid swim tube SUDOO UK



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Product description:

Floating arm material: The inflatable floating arm float sleeve adopts waterproof plastic soft cloth, non-toxic and environment-friendly PVC material thickening, can be used for a long time.Designed for your and your child's delicate skin, the hydrofoil swimmer is free of scratches and comfortable wear .easy to use and close

Product design: Life-saving inflatable arm with balloon floating sleeve hole design is a kind of one-way air, prevent air leakage and ventilation, if you want to, please keep the hole, you can use the pump bonus for each of the packaging to expand or to use your mouth.

Arm features: Water sports are usually the best choice in summer and throughout the year. But they are extremely dangerous and can easily take people's lives. So when you're in danger, this floating arm/sleeve will be your life saver, When you go out for water sports, wear inflatable floating sleeve equipment to ensure your safety to the maximum extent, improve the safety and fun of water sports and leave a good memory.

Product details:
Total Material Mombination: PVC
Color: Blue
Overall Size: 6.9 x 5.32 x 0.6 inch
Shipping Weight: 0.245lb