Some people (including me) just could not resist the temptation to sup in winter! No matter how freezing the water is, no matter how many times I keep falling off the board... The passion for paddle boarding shall never been put out!

    A nice pair of shoes is of equal importance as a nice piece of wetsuit. It shall be resistant to slip and heat loss. No one wants to get their feet wet in water, especially cold water. So what kind of shoes do we need?

    The answer is BOOTS.

    Choose a pair of boots that's high enough to cover your ankle. As for the thickness, for winter, neoprene with a thickness of 5-9 mm is suitable. If you don't want to spend extra on buying a new pair of boots for winter, try combine neoprene socks and summer hydro-shoes, aiming for the total thickness of the material as recommended above.
    With the right height and thickness, your feet should be comfortable, in no case cramped.

    Another important thing to keep in mind is the slip-proof function of the boots. Find one with non slippery sole and toes. It shall help you from falling and protect your feet from being injured as well.