We came across these videos on Youtube recently.

David Brown, who created the videos, is a paddle board coach with British Canoeing.

These videos are lengthy but very detailed and inclusive. For beginners who struggle to get onboard for the first time, these videos are extremely useful.

Even for experienced paddlers, these videos can still help cover some professional knowledge.

 There's no need to watch all of it, just find the one you're interested.


SUP Safe Module 1 covers

- Reminding ourselves of the basics

- Hazard identification and managing the risk

- launch and recovery best practice

SUP Safe Module 2 Equipment Clothing and Cold Water Shock Contents

- Equipment checklist

- Cold water shock

- What to wear while paddling

- A few questions to test our understanding

- References and further reading section

SUP Safe Module 3 Health, Emergency Preparedness and Rescue Content

- Health and a few things to look out for!

- Emergency Preparedness

- 3 videos covering various rescue techniques

- A few questions to test our understanding

- References and further reading section

 SUP Safe Module 4 Caring for the Environment Contents

- Simple Steps to follow

- Invasive species

- Plastic Pollution

- Questions to test our understanding

- Further reading

SUP Safe Module 5 Weather Forecasting Apps Contents

-Summary of what to look for

- Orientating the wind direction to the map

- Forecast Apps and web pages

- A spot of homework

- Further Reading

SUP Safe Module 6 River Level Apps Contents

- River level Apps

- Interpreting River level data

- Things to bear in mind for the river level

- Understanding the flow

- A spot of homework

 SUP safe Module 7 The Rise and Fall of the Tide Contents

- Understanding the tides

- The rule of twelfths

- Rip currents

- A spot of homework

- Further reading

SUP Safe Module 8 Planning a Trip Contents

- Trip planning checklist

- Trip options and tips

- Leadership

- Route planning review

- Route planning exercise

- Further reading