Paddling is a popular exercise, which is not easy to learn but many people would at least try once.  Almost every age of people who likes the paddling could use the board, ranging from kids to even 70 years old persons.

But why people are fancy trying this water sports so much? We summarize 8 reasons of that.
happy paddling
1. Paddling is definitely good for health in some ways, such as losing your weight. It can burn a lot of calories. As the study shows, paddling every hour can reduce 300-700 calories depend on the speed and the places you paddling.

2. Your muscle will be stronger. This requires core strength movement. Paddling on both sides means twisting which uses muscles you usually wouldn’t.

3. Help in improving mental health. Some people who lives in a quicker speed life, and has pressure on work too much, should need to learn and try the paddling. Imagine you are dancing and exploring the nature with a multiple use board, and seeing many wideness places. All your troublesome could be threw away.

4. It's a low impact sports anyway. If you runs too much, your knees and ankles may be painful; if you play badminton too long, your hand joints may feel sore. Because they are the sports that mainly need one body parts. Different from them, the paddling needs to the whole body collaboration.

5. Socialize. There are many communities of paddling boarders, you could easily make new friends with some people who have the same interest as you.

6. Boost Vitamin D. Especially for a kid who is growing up, it is helpful to try paddling under sunny days. By the way, sunshine can be relaxing and calming effect for kids, which helps kids being more outgoing and active.
Enjoy juice on stand up inflatable board 

7. It's a Eco friendly water sport, much exciting than just going swimming. The ocean is welcoming people to explore more adventure on a stand up inflatable board. At least the board will not bother the sea life as people swimming with sunscreen.

8. Boost your confidence. Every time of your paddling is a new challenge, once you finish, you will be delighted and excited. The more time you are succeed in paddling, the more you are in good mood and being confident.