SUDOO is young but full of creative elements paddle board brand. We are UK based company, dedicating to manufacturing more high quality paddle boards with CHEAPER prices.

We know paddling is a water sport with so much fun, people like to explore the nature and ocean. As the meaning of life is exercise. Since our products have been sold in the market, we have received many orders and have a certain marketplace in UK. 


For our paddle board, we use military dual grade EVA materials, so our boards are durable than many other boards in the market. And we are continuously studying what types of the board will be accepted by boarders, so we have many types of boards. However, we don't always update with new models, as we strive to improve quality while maintaining styles.

For our services, we will collect customers advice, and try our best to provide a better performances. And many customer trust our products and be willing to give us some rewards and as well as improvement feedback. We feel truly grateful to these warm and kind people.

SUDOO paddle board

Based on customers trust, our efforts will be made to produce more and more brilliant paddle boards. Our mission is not just for the paddle board, it's also the amazing life to people.